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Underwater Wood

Solid as a rock. Warm as a tree

Underwater Wood Is a Great Treasure!

Being one the first available materials, the wood became a reliable ally of the humans already at the dawn of history. No matter what new technologies have been developed by our civilization, hardwearing but artificial materials cannot give us the cosiness and charm that are inherent in natural wood. Lately, due to its limited longevity and relatively low durability, the wood has begun to lose ground. This was the case until the underwater wood uprise. This salvaged wood unites several elements: the timber that has been under water for decades becomes rock solid. Such wood is resistant to cold, humidity and insects damaging trees. That is why the underwater wood doesn’t need any additional treatment; it is a reference of natural, ecologically clean and transpiring material.

Larch is even more unique than bog oak in terms of change of physical properties. Underwater larch even dramatically improves its properties in water.

It becomes more durable, harder and more resistant against any impacts. In fact, underwater larch is already a new material which is ahead of its expensive and distinguished fellow trees.

Home Construction Using Underwater Timber

The "Age-Old Wood" company, in cooperation with the Lapinkhonka
construction company, offers you unique houses made of underwater timber in compliance with up-to-date methods.

The logs get excellent survival qualities in the course of the years that they remain at the bottom of a water body. This timber is highly durable, it is resistant to rain, wind and cold. But the main advantage of underwater wood is its environmental friendliness. A more natural building material could hardly be imagined. Moreover, this is the only timber that doesn’t shrink, so that you can move into your home right after the end of construction.

Our Facts

Construction project management since 2007

The overall surface of the sites is over 200 000 m²

Construction coverage: Northwestern Federal District, Finland

A self-regulatory organization full member

You can submit a request for counselling with our professionals on how to build your house with underwater timber

Selling Underwater Timber for Construction

Used material:

We can provide logs of underwater timber for experts who want to implement their own construction projects. Thanks to decades-long exposure to flowing water, this material becomes resistant to decay and influence of various natural phenomena. That is why houses built with underwater timber have a longer life-time than those made of ordinary wood. As a result, the relatively high value of such a house pays off due to its durability and reliability.

Prices start from 500 RUB/m33

Underwater Timber for Interior Finishing

Used material:
Bog Oak

There are two main requirements to the materials used for interior finishing – environmental friendliness and aesthetic qualities. While remaining in water, wood obtains a denser structure and becomes saturated with salts, so that it grows not only more solid, but also less attractive to insects and fungi. Therefore, you don’t need to treat underwater timber, unlike any other wooden lining, with special pest remedies, what constitutes another advantage in terms of the home’s ecological safety.

Prices start from 1 000 RUB/m3

Underwood Timber for Furniture

Used material:
Bog Oak

It would be pertinent to use the famous word “exclusive” while describing the furniture of underwater wood. The tint and the texture of this kind of object are unparalleled: the colour depth may vary from light grey to inky, and from delicate pink to amber. The unique section ornament of this timber reminds of the starry heaven that can be admired endlessly. It is small surprise that such furniture is a subtle, but unmistakeable mark of its owner’s tastefulness and level of prosperity.

Prices start from 3 500 RUB/m3

Bog Oak for Unique Objects

Used material:
Bog Oak (with an expert evaluation)
Age 1500 to 5000 years

Bog oak is elegant and quietly austere what makes it an excellent choice for making valuable author’s objects. Thanks to its qualities, this timber is very popular among producers of cold arms – handles and sheaths made of water-seasoned oak look exquisite and imposing. The field of Bog oak application is limited only by the craftsmen’s imagination: musical instruments and jewellery, token gifts and stationary – the list may be continued on and on. To confirm the age of the oak, the client is given the results of hydrocarbon evaluation.

Prices start from 15 000 RUB/m3

These are nature and our ancestors who ensured that we have such a valuable material. If a tree fell into water because of wind or an earth slide, or was lost during transportation, in the course of the years it got an opportunity to become solid and so valuable underwater wood. And it’s all about tanning substances which interact with the water salts and enhance the timber strength and durability. As a result, the wood having got these super features is ready to start a new life.

Wood was floated over the centuries on its own in big rivers, such as Volga. Besides, there were dense oak forests along the river. The flow washed out the riverside and huge oaks lost their foothold and fell into water. Many of them were covered with silt and soil what allowed the timber to perdure to the present day.

It’s not for nothing that underwater wood has been hidden from hot sunbeams at a river bottom – if it is left without respect of the appropriate storage conditions, the timber deteriorates in a few months. In order to preserve the unique qualities of this material, it is necessary to work a lot before underwater wood is ready to an independent “adult” life.

The whole processing is implemented as soon and quickly as possible in order to protect the wood from the negative environmental effects. Depending on the wood species and its state, the raw wood is sawed into ready assortment – after drying, timber hardens and it would more difficult to complete this operation. Timber is dried at the place of production, in specially equipped cameras, so that its deterioration during transportation is excluded.

Our timber is delivered by trustworthy courier companies having experience in transportation services of this kind all over Russia. Depending on quantity and type of the ordered materials, delivery can take from two weeks to several months. The price of transportation is set according to the carrier’s price list.

Underwater Wood Prices

Wood species Price, RUB/m3 (1 to 10 m3) Price, RUB/m3 (10 to 50 m3) Price, RUB/m3 (50 to 100 m3)
Round timber Lumber Round timber Lumber Round timber Lumber
Bog oak, 1500 to 3500 years in water 100 000 - 130 000 250 000 - 360 000 90 000 - 120 000 230 000 - 330 000 80 000 - 110 000 210 000 - 290 000
Birch, 25 to 100 years in water 5 500 - 8 500 25 000 - 28 000 5 200 - 7 600 23 500 - 25 000 4 500 - 6 000 21 000 - 23 500
Larch, 25 to 100 years in water 15 000 - 17 000 31 000 - 42 000 12 000 - 14 000 30 000 - 39 000 11 000 - 12 000 28 000 - 35 000
Pine, 25 to 100 years in water 5 500 - 8 500 25 000 - 28 000 5 200 - 7 600 23 500 - 25 000 4 500 - 6 000 21 000 - 23 500

Price for timber that has been in water for over 5000 years may be up to 1 000 000 RUB/ m3.

Underwater wood can be delivered either as lumber – boards and bars for production of furniture and interior finishing, standard assortment – or to the client’s dimensions. It is also possible to deliver rounded logs for construction. Depending on wood species and the necessary dimensions of lumber or logs, delivery can take from several weeks to several months.

Timber is dried at the place of production, in special drying cameras, and is delivered in the form of ready-to-use material. (The seller doesn’t reveal the technology of drying for it is the seller’s know how).

Underwater Wood Advantages


Resistance to

Aesthetic Qualities

Environmental Friendliness

Life-time and durability of underwater wood deserve to excite envy. While remaining in water for long years, wood obtains a denser structure and becomes saturated with iron salts present in water. It is impossible to get a similar result not using special chemical impregnations and other artificial materials. This is why lovers of the natural wood aesthetics who look for safe and durable materials agree that underwater timber meets these requirements to the fullest extent.